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Thank you to all who supported the Quiz Night, in which all of the Society’s sections were represented. It was the Society’s first event delivered on-line using Zoom, and was a real team effort with Council members and administrative staff practicing and stressing right up to the last moment. The President, David Jones was the ‘frontman’ and  Quizmaster assisted by Stavros Stivaros, in charge of ‘backroom’ functions such as the Q&A, opening and closing of answer forms, and seeing fair play. The President was flattered that 3 contestants thought he, rather than John Hunter, was the “Father of Modern Surgery”.

Congratulations to Dr Ankhush Singhal who had the highest score for an individual player and to the  ‘Medical Reanimateurs’ who were the Team with the best score, who also helped Anaesthesia to be the best ranked Section of the Medical Society, based on the average of those representing Sections who submitted answers

Informal feedback has been very positive and supportive, with many valuing this opportunity to keep in touch. The on line delivery opens many other possibilities to ‘foster harmony’ among the medical community in the north west, and I would be pleased to hear any ideas from members of what you would like to see developing from the Manchester Medical Society.