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Delivering sustainable healthcare – Wednesday 20th January 2021


The meeting challenged the audience to consider steps they could take to to help deliver environmentally sustainable healthcare and achieve the target of a carbon  “Net Zero” NHS by 2040.

The presentations are available to view in the members area of the website.

Miss Chantelle Rizan, ENT Research Fellow, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, covered the carbon footprint of healthcare and carbon hotspots which we could target. Simple measures such as repairing rather than scrapping surgical instruments can make a difference.

Dr Murugesan Raja, represented the Manchester Climate Change Partnership and covered the local response and ways of supporting their initiatives.

Claire Igoe, Head of Sustainability in Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT)  tackled the issue of healthcare waste and what really happens to it and showed how it can be  recycled and used to generate energy.

Drs Cliff Shelton and Rebecca Sutton (Consultant Anaesthetists) supported by their trainees Hrishi Narayanan and Max Clayton-Smith from MFT ran an interactive session considering various practical aspects of delivering greener healthcare.

David Jones delivered his Presidential address entitled “2021: A Waste Odyssey” looking at the arguably wasteful culture in healthcare. He referred back to the development of medicine and surgery during the industrial revolution in Manchester and the evolution in healthcare which now accounts for 4% of our carbon footprint. Reducing variability and improving outcomes also makes better use of resources and reduces our carbon footprint.